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A new experience – life during the Corona crisis

It was a Wednesday afternoon when my mum and my two years younger brother played a card game. The question was whether the schools will be closed due to the corona virus. At five o´clock p.m. the news said that from Monday on, all high school students should stay at home and from Wednesday on, as far as possible all the other students. I was happy and sad about that at the same time.

Happy, because of the fact that the tests were cancelled too and sad, because I won´t see my friends for a long time. But I thought to myself: ,,If it   helps and we will get the disease (=Krankheit) under control it is alright and we will see each other again, soon!” On Thursday, my mum said to me that my brother Martin and I won´t go to school from Monday on.The time to get to know online learning started for me on Monday.Since then I wake up every day at seven to eight o´clock in the morning, then I go to my computer in my room and start to download all the things from the platform “Moodle”. I study until 10 o´clock a.m. then I have a snack. Usually, when I finish my tasks after the snack, I go to the forest with my two dogs and my mum. We have lunch at two p.m.. In the afternoon I play with my dogs; I also play other funny games, I am crafting something or I read a book. I think online learning is very good, because I am able to finish my tasks faster than in school. I don`t have to wait for others and I have much more spare time. I think it would be better, to get the work orders already on Sunday. On Monday morning the server is very busy. Now I hope you got an impression of what my “Corona timetable” is like.

Julia B.

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